Web Design Perth WA

Website Maintenance & Security Services Perth

Complete Website Maintenance & Security, One Low Monthly Fees — $49.95 + GST

West Coast Online can provide all of your website maintenance and security needs in one affordable package:

  • LitePress Updates & Support

    • LitePress by West Coast Online is constantly evolving, this means that your website remains ahead of the curve and up-to-date with the latest website technologies and design trends. As each new version of LitePress is released we will personally update your website and keep you informed of the latest improvements and added features.
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates*

    • A living, breathing web designer will update your core WordPress installation and plugins. We will make sure your website is backed up before updating and offer full support if there are any compatibility issues.
  • Scheduled Website Backups

    • No website maintenance service would be complete without the peace of mind of knowing there are regular backups of your website’s content being made. Backups are also downloaded to a secure off-site location for safe-keeping.
  • Security Monitoring

    • Website security is a complicated subject and you don’t want to go at it alone, especially if you’re not quite sure how everything works. Your site will be safe and secure using our personally managed security software.
  • Uptime Monitoring

    • West Coast Online utilises uptime monitoring software to alert us when any website goes offline. In the event of a website going down an email is sent to us immediately, ensuring that any issues can be rectified as soon as possible.


  • Complimentary Web Hosting

    • Our website maintenance and security service also includes fast and reliable website hosting. Our powerful Australian based web server is professionally managed and monitored 24/7.
  • Google Analytics

    • West Coast Online will monitor and record your websites traffic by installing and utilising Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the most complete statistics package available providing valuable insights into each and every visit to your website.

That’s one web services provider to deal with and one less thing to worry about!